A splash of Color


I have known Ashleigh for many years now and I have always loved her look. She radiates confidence that inspires others. Her smile is contagious and the green hair is a fun dose of color. I couldn't wait to photograph her.

Since Ashleigh's style is very retro and colorful. I wanted to do something fun with her but not your typical pin up girl shoot. We live in Hawaii so I thought it would be fun to do a retro inspired tropical shoot. 


Ashleigh had two different outfits.  The first, a white and red tropical floral dress and the second, a mustard yellow shirt with a fun floral skirt which I didn't think would go very well with my original vision. So we decided to go with a location that would work for both outfits The KCC cactus gardens. It has the perfect blend of palms and cactus creating tons of interest and giving us the variety we needed 


I really love the photos that we got and had a great time catching up with Ashleigh. I hope you like them too 

Finally they are engaged!!

It's been a long time coming but finally Corinne and Nolan are engaged and I think I might be more excited than they are. 

We met Corinne and Nolan years ago when they were still kids in our youth group. Over the years we have watched them grow up. Now I'm proud to call them my friends.

After many many many years of dating and a very rough year Nolan started to plan out a surprise where he would pop the question.  

So the plan was to trick Corrine into thinking that Nolan scheduled a fun holiday photo shoot. Lucky for him their close friends just happen to be photographers. Corrine had no clue. She just thought we are doing funny photos (with two photographers and a videographer!! Over kill?)  

We drove up Old Pali road all of us knowing that Corrine was going to remember this day forever. Once in the jungle we parked on the side of the road at the start of the Judd Trail. There is a ton of awesome pine trees up there that were well suited for their theme, A lumber jack and sweet heart bringing him cookies.  Corrine being the lumber jack and Nolan the sweet heart. 

We stopped and took a few fun photos before entering into the trail. Obviously we are super serious. 

We started hiking into the woods and before we got to the pine trees we had to cross this amazing river. We took advantage of the gorgeous lighting and scenery to get a few more photos.

A few more mins of hiking and we reached our destination. Nolan suited up in his apron and Corrine grabbed a pick ax. Again we are super serious!! 

We quickly finished those photos up and asked them to change into some nicer clothes. We said you might as well get some fancy shots too since we are already out here. She still had no clue. 

Nolan was totally keeping his cool, even when Corinne asked a few times why he was shaking. He just played it off. He was waiting for our code to take a knee. We just had to tell them to turn back to back. Finally we got them into the perfect position and told them to turn away from each other. We waited for Nolan to get into position. You could tell Corinne was a little skeptical of this new pose. Then we told her to turn around. 

I cried!!! He cried, Corinne cried! We all cried. This moment was long in the making and well worth all the planning/waiting. These two people are made for each other. I cant wait to see what the future holds for them.  

All that was left was to celebrate with a bottle of champagne that we had been saving for almost a year for this moment. 


Sunset in the Park

Just because every once in a while you need to roll down a hill and play in the grass.....

I'm sure I'm just like every mom who thinks the world of their children, but seriously mine are AMAZING!!!! Jovi is 4 and she is such a character. She loves to dance and cant help but be the center of attention. Nixon is more shy and sweet but a total ball of never ending energy.   I really have the best time hanging out with them. 

Today after nap time I woke them up and rushed them out the door to Puu Ualakaa State park. A few weeks back my husband and I went up there to the look out point and I noticed this gorgeous field of trees that I've been dying to shoot in. Today was that day. 

We got there just a few mins before sunset and the lighting was perfect and we were all so excited to be there. The very first thing Nixon did was run for the trees. He is such a boy. I helped him climb up and he sat proud of his accomplishment. 

Then they took turns seeing who could run down the hill faster. It was all fun and games until Nixon fell. Poor little guy. I had to sneak a few photos ; ) 

He was quickly distracted by trying to jump and reach a branch. He couldn't quite reach it yet but that didn't stop the fun. I even pulled the branch down for them and let them hold on while it pulled them off the ground. 

Living in the city we have to make going out a priority. I love watching them play and explore. They totally love each other so much and watching them adventure together is one of my favorite things. 

As the sun set we made our way over to the look out which has a great view of Honolulu. Jovi said, "Mommy, I can see a really big pool".  As she was pointing at the ocean. It was a great moment, one I'm sure I wont forget. 

Welcome to my website....

It might not seem like a  big a deal but it's huge to me. I kept procrastinating on making my website and putting it off. I like taking photos not doing web design, but after my husbands constant encouragement and gentle nudges it's finally up!! 

What a good feeling! I hope you enjoy it and get a better idea of who I am and my passion for photography.