Sunset in the Park

Just because every once in a while you need to roll down a hill and play in the grass.....

I'm sure I'm just like every mom who thinks the world of their children, but seriously mine are AMAZING!!!! Jovi is 4 and she is such a character. She loves to dance and cant help but be the center of attention. Nixon is more shy and sweet but a total ball of never ending energy.   I really have the best time hanging out with them. 

Today after nap time I woke them up and rushed them out the door to Puu Ualakaa State park. A few weeks back my husband and I went up there to the look out point and I noticed this gorgeous field of trees that I've been dying to shoot in. Today was that day. 

We got there just a few mins before sunset and the lighting was perfect and we were all so excited to be there. The very first thing Nixon did was run for the trees. He is such a boy. I helped him climb up and he sat proud of his accomplishment. 

Then they took turns seeing who could run down the hill faster. It was all fun and games until Nixon fell. Poor little guy. I had to sneak a few photos ; ) 

He was quickly distracted by trying to jump and reach a branch. He couldn't quite reach it yet but that didn't stop the fun. I even pulled the branch down for them and let them hold on while it pulled them off the ground. 

Living in the city we have to make going out a priority. I love watching them play and explore. They totally love each other so much and watching them adventure together is one of my favorite things. 

As the sun set we made our way over to the look out which has a great view of Honolulu. Jovi said, "Mommy, I can see a really big pool".  As she was pointing at the ocean. It was a great moment, one I'm sure I wont forget.